Insight into Data
PatentLab-II turns patent data into actionable insights, on which you can make important decisions. With PatentLab-II, for example, R&D people can trace how the development organization of a competitor evolve and how the technology trends in the market change. PatentLab-II helps you make a blueprint for your technical initiatives. Against an infringement of patent, your company can protect its intellectual properties by estimating the technical capabilities of the opposite, e.g., the number of technical resources or the number of key patents owned. PatentLab-II also enables you to pinpoint the threshold of R&D investment or make an alternative approach, including cross-license of competitor's technology.

Save Time
Analysis of patent data usually requires considerable time. For instance, if two R&D planners conduct multidimensional analysis with 800 patent documents, by assignee(company), inventor, and patent class(technology area), it often takes approximately 320 man-hours (16 man-hours per day x 20 days). With PatentLab-II, however, it normally takes less than 2 hours for one analyst to perform the same analysis. PatentLab-II can reduce the arduous analysis process, which can allow you to spend more time focusing on your business problems.

Easy Interface
Novices to patent analysis won't be frustrated when they navigate the easy graphical user interface of PatentLab-II. Thanks to the intuitive Analysis Wizard and Patent Viewer function, as well as various standard reports, PatentLab-II is one of the easiest tools for analysis and visualization of patent information.

Make Your Ideas Fly
PatentLab-II allows you to explore every field in patent data. Furthermore, you can define your own fields, so that you can classify patented technologies on your own and understand the inter-relations among them.

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