Today organizations are facing challenges from increasingly turbulent environment. In the age of information revolution every business needs to make use of information for accurate decision making.

Nevertheless, few decision makers have tried hard to understand their intellectual property assets from a wide variety of perspectives. Just like marketing analysts who try to pinpoint market needs and wants, technology analysts should respond to and take initiative of industry directions. Indeed, technology is not only a source for product development, but also a potential product itself which can generate significant business profits.

For many organizations and businesses, the effective use of patent information is becoming an important competitive edge. No matter what their core businesses are, many companies can extract valuable insight from patent information. For example, analysis of patent data can reveal key focus areas of competitors or current accomplishments of major market players. With such information, decision makers can make blueprints for their research and development.

Wisdomain is dedicated to providing our customers with insight into their intellectual property assets. We believe the core of technology management is not about technology but about solving business problems. We have tried to help our customers gain information from patent data and make timely and effective decisions. Our PatentLab solutions are powerful tools that yield comprehensive information from patent data and turn it into action.

At Wisdomain, customers are our number one priority. If there is a technical problem, we will make every effort to resolve it. We ensure customer satisfaction and highly value close relationship with our clientele.


Bryan Kim

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