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Data Coverage

Wisdomain offers full-text search for patent data from U.S, Europe, Japan, China, and Europe We also provide our independent processed data such as Patent Life Status and Patent Ownership Status.
Independent ∙ Processed Data
Data Coverage Area Timeline
Life Status U.S. Patents 1976 ~ Present
Patent Genealogy U.S. Patents 1976 ~ Present
Patent Ownership Status U.S. Patents 1976 ~ Present
Citation information U.S. Patents 1976 ~ Present
Applicant standard name U.S. Patents 1976 ~ Present
Key point of invention Japanese Patents 1964 ~ Present
Representative Drawing All data
(Excluding US-Old・CP・CU)
Timeline according to data
INPADOC Family All data
INPADOC Legal Status All data
Patents in English
Data Timeline Coverage
Patents registered in the U.S. 1976 ~ Present  
Patents registered in the U.S. (Before 1975) 1790 ~ Present  
Patents published in the U.S. 2001 ~ Present  
Patents registered in Europe 1981 ~ Present  
Patents published in Europe 1978 ~ Present  
English abstracts of Korean patents 1979 ~ Present  
English abstracts of Japanese patents 1976 ~ Present  
Patents published in Germany 1952 ~ Present Representative Drawing:
Quarterly Update
Patents registered in Germany 1877 ~ Present
Patents published in France 1933 ~ Present
Patents registered in France 1900 ~ Present
Patent published in U.K. 1840 ~ Present
Patents registered in U.K. 1980 ~ Present
International applications
(PCT applications)
1978~ Present  
Chinese patents 1985 ~ Present Quarterly update
Chinese utility models 1985 ~ Present

* Data updated every week.

Patents in Korean
Data Timeline Coverage
Korean patents 1948 ~ Present  
Korean utility models 1948 ~ Present  
Japanese patents 1993~ Present  
Japanese patents (Before 1992) 1928~1992 PDF provided through patent
number search
Japanese utility models 1993 ~ Present  

* Provided by FOCUST(KR ver.).

Patents in Japanese
Data Timeline Coverage
Japanese patents 1964 ~ Present Data prior to 1992 provided
through OCR text search
Japanese utility models 1964 ~ Present
Japanese patent progress 1964 ~ Present Examination information,
Trial information,
Registration information
Japanese patent genealogy 1964 ~ Present  
Japanese citation information 1964 ~ Present  

* Provided by FOCUST-J.

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