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Established in 1999 in Seoul, with offices in Silicon Valley and Tokyo, Wisdomain’s core mission has been the analysis and valuation of global patents. Over 400 companies worldwide are using Wisdomain’s powerful patent search and analysis solutions.

WISDOMAIN specializes in Big Data analytics and helps to transform the data into actionable insights. Powered by its proprietary technology, WISDOMAIN developed unique data analysis tools for IP professionals to help track technology trends across the industry and automatically calculate the monetary value of patents in real time.

Taking the patent valuation technology to its next level, WISDOMAIN developed a new tool that provides insights into the future performance of security investments by identifying overvalued or undervalued technology companies.
Technology landscaping
Competitive analysis
Patent portfolio management
Identification of major companies in a specific technology sector
Identification of potential monetization candidates
Major Functions
Bubble Chart
Keyword Map
Patent Scoring
Powerful patent search and analysis tools.
Search & Analysis
integrates patent search and analysis solutions into a single Web-based platform delivering a wealth of intellectual property information onto the desktops around the globe. With access to more than 100M worldwide patent publications,
IP professionals can quickly research, analyze and extract insightful information to better manage IP portfolios and formulate competitive strategies.  
IPIntellisource efficiently delivers real-time analysis on evolving intellectual property data allowing instant discovery of fresh insights and actionable information without time-consuming research and data compilation work. Its intuitive interface enables users to access quickly a broad set of desired patent documents and related IP space and create professional analysis reports containing powerful infographics that are data-driven and reliable.
Patent Valuation
Automated patent valuation cross-referencing company financials and similar patents that share the same technology space.
IP Monetization
Find potential monetization candidates by correlating data from hundreds of companies participating in similar technology spaces.
Infringement Finder
Find companies and patents with high dependency on your inventions.
Patent Purchase
Support patent purchase decisions with data driven due diligence.
Valuation & Monetization
Patent Portfolio Analysis
Capture important aspects of a competitor’s patent portfolio and gather insights on its competing strengths, quality, and IP strategies.
Competitive Analysis
Compare your patent portfoio’s scale, focus areas, influential strengths, and overall quality with a competitor’s portfolio.
Uncover opportunities and formulate competing strategies through a portfolio SWOT analysis with up to 20 competitors.
Patent Assignments
Find patents transferred to competitors and gain insights on their diversification.
Competitive Intelligence
Technology Landscape
Capture IP concentrations by top players and explore on a map how their inventive activities have evolved over the years.
Patent (In)validation
Find patents with expressed inventions and ideas that are similar to the subject patent.
Patent Family Tree
Capture extended family patents, visualize family trees, and track relationships and timeline.
Quality Evaluation
Evaluate the quality of your patent using a set of assessment criteria that are well known and practiced by patent economics.
IP Analysis
Threat Finder
Safeguard your business by uncovering entities with extensive litigation records and influential patents.
Jumpstart your legal investigation by instantly identifying litigation related patents from entities or technology space.
Counter Patents
Deter assertion threats by identifying which patents you own can be used as counter-assertion patents.
NPE Tracker
Identify suspected NPEs in your technology space and review their patent holdings.
Risk Management
Data-driven Patent Valuation
Automatically calculate the monetary value of patents in real time.
Although there are several well-known methods for patent valuation (i.e. income approach, cost
approach, market approach, option approach), it can be difficult to apply these in practice. This is
largely due to the fact that there is insufficient empirical data to support these methods and thus rely
heavily on subjective factors.
In order to minimize the subjective analysis involved, Wisdomain developed a big data driven patent
valuation method for estimating the profits generated by patents based on existing industry financial
data and patent data.
Download a complete patent valuation report in seconds
Income approach valuation based on factual data
Enter your patent number
Market Size & Profit
Profit Attributable
to Patents
Patent Score & Technology Lifecycle
Data-driven Analysis Process
The quickest and most cost-effective way to initiate a portfolio valuation project.
Proprietary valuation algorithms.
Available on demand.
Why PTR?
In 2015, 87% of the market value of the S&P 500 firms could be attributed to intangibles on average, compared to 68% in 1995 and 32% in 1985. Knowing the value of intangible assets is becoming increasingly vital for investors.

Patents comprise a significant percentage of  intangible assets of businesses.
Big data driven patent valuation
Patent value is the sum of the profits which are generated by a patent during its lifetime.

Worldwide patent databases are cross-referenced with the financial statements of patent holders. Various algorithms are utilized to calculate profits attributable to patents.
Study finds strong evidence for return predictability of PTR
Low PTR stocks portfolios have earned significant market excess returns even with a simple buy and hold strategy.

PTR strongly dominates other innovation-related variables used in previous studies.
* simulation results over 20 year period
Price Technology Ratio
Market Cap.
Patent Value
PTR: A ratio of a company's market capitalization to the patent value it holds
PTR indicates whether a stock price is overvalued or undervalued by comparing patent value to market price.
In 2014, we released a data driven patent valuation engine which provides the monetary value of a patent- and the only thing you need to do is enter a patent number. This made it very easy to calculate a company’s total value of patent assets, and it got us thinking, are patent asset values accurately reflected in stock prices?

So we created a new measure called PTR, short for Price Technology Ratio. This ratio identifies overvalued or undervalued companies based on patent asset value.

The concept of PTR is similar to P/B ratio, simply replacing book value with patent value. The magic of PTR is that it indicates whether a stock price is overvalued or undervalued by comparing patent value to market capitalization.
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